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I wrote something...

My favorite possession comforts me when I am depressed, lonely, angry. It humbles me when I am happy and proud. It shows truth and leads me to unconditional love.
It is my source of inspiration. It makes me a better person and cleanses my soul. It is the basis of my personality.
With it, I will never be hungry, lonely, depressed, angry, proud. I will never think of myself as better than anyone else. (Even though I act like it.)
It gives me faith. It gives me hope. I know the truth and I can't turn away from it.
It is black. It was given to me seven years ago. I have others like it, just a little different. One is red. But the black one is my favorite.
It changed my life. I was ten years old when it changed my whole perspecive on life and the world.
If I could have only one thing in the world, this is what it would be. I would hold on to it and never let it go. I could be homeless, but as long as I could hold it, I would be happy and have hope.
I could live without it. It would be a hard life without it, but as long as I know the meaning of it, I could live.
If I didn't know the message, I would live a very dreary life. I've gone through crazy times, and it is what led me back to my ~sanity~ or....well since I've never really been led me back to being the real me.
I feel sorry for those who don't have it. I feel sorry for those who don't have the hope, the comfort it gives.
I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I wouldn't sell it for all the money anyone or everyone could give me for it. But I would share it. I would let someone borrow it. Especially if they were feeling down.
It also has another meaning to it. I took it with me every Wednesday night to classes. I remember those classes with nostalgia... I miss those days. Those days of simplicity... When I thought the world was so tough.... But now I wish I could return. That class was special to me, and it was right there with me everytime I went. I hold it in my hands as often as I can. I give in to the comforts it gives me.
When I die, I will hold it close to me, close to my heart and know that it's true. Know that it is so close....
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